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Mango Power Union, 6.9 kWh Super-Capacity Home Backup Battery


Off-grid power can now live right in your home with the Mango Power Union, the world’s first detachable home battery, with a supercharged 6.9 kWh capacity battery, running like a dream even while powering your most energy thirsty appliances. Indoors and out.

  • ・6900Wh High Capacity
  • ・4350W Large Output
  • ・Detachable Module
  • ・95% High Efficiency
  • ・2.5H Fast Charging
  • ・19 Output Ports


All in One Design

Unlike the average home battery or portable power stations that can only light up outdoor life, the Mango Power Union delivers an all-in-one energy solution housed in one device. The dedicated mUnion Connection combines the Power Home home battery and the Power Move portable power station into a single sleek, stunning package that swirls with ambient light and redefines aesthetics for an independent energy device. Powerfully beautiful home energy starts here.

Smart App Control

See and control your home’s energy production and consumption in real-time with the Mango Power App. Customize your energy usage, optimize for independence, protect against outages, or increase your savings; whatever your goals, the Mango Power Union lets you use your energy smarter.

Detachable Portable Power Station

The Power Move equips you with reliable portable power for camping, tailgating, off-grid events, and workshops with a 2.3kWh battery and supports 2kW AC output. It can handle surges up to 4kW from power tools, refrigerators or air conditioners, so it will power anything anywhere. It includes 16 output ports including AC, USB-C, USB-A, wireless charging and car power output so you can meet all of your various needs.

Backup Protection for Essential Circuits in Your Home

All the power you need. And then a little more. Unlike other power stations, the Mango can pump out a massive amount of power - with a 4000W AC & 350W DC output, or up to 6600W in a surge.

What’s In The Box

Mango Power Union

User Manual

Warranty Card

AC Charging Cable 20A

MC4 to Aviation Cable

40A Home Backup Cable

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I receive a notification “Crowdfunding is not shipping”? So am I guaranteed with shipping?

This is just a default disclaimer of all the crowdfunding platforms. We have officially entered the production stage. We will deliver on time and update production and shipment progress in real-time.

Is the Mango Power Union available in my country?

The Mango Power Union will be available for purchase in the USA, Canada, UK, EU, Australia, and Japan. If you are not located in any of these countries, we will not be able to ship the Mango Power Union to you. Based on information from our logistics partners, they are unable to ship the Mango Power Union to other countries and regions. We are still looking for more flexible delivery options, and we will let you know once there are any updates.

When will the product be shipped?

The first batch will be sent to the US warehouse from late December, while the rest batches will start shipping from January. We will keep you updated on the detailed shipping status and share with you the freight number. Please note that you will only receive the tracking number after the products arrive at the local warehouses. The time-to-delivery will vary depending on which batch you are in, your delivery address, and the speed of local couriers.

How much is the shipping fee? Is the customs fee included?

The product is overweight and the shipping fee exceeds our expectations. We will cover most of the costs to send you the machine, but we will still have to charge you a small amount for customs fees and shipping fees depending on the items ordered and the availability of local delivery services. Feel free to email us at service@mangopower.com if you have any questions. Shipping Fee & Customs Fee Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Q6c8rMJJ6ycuD7UH2XzwHNNyWrXHoTwYbYDDMOI5RFY/edit#gid=0

When and how can I check my tracking number?

You’ll be able to check the tracking number as soon as we send out the package. *Please note that the exact delivery time will vary depending on your shipping address and the couriers.

What is the warranty of the Mango Power Union?

The Mango Power Union is covered under a 3-year warranty; all accessories sold during crowdfunding are covered under a 1-year warranty. Please email us at service@mangopower.com if you have any inquiries.

What’s the refund/ return policy?

The refund will not be allowed during the time of shipment. Within 30 days of delivery, Mango Power team offers a full refund if you do not enjoy using it. Please email us at service@mangopower.com for further details.

How to buy more than one unit? How can I buy the add-ons?

1. Choose your Mango Power Union perk. You will have the option to grab the add-ons on the next page before check-out.\n2. If you have already contributed to a perk and want to get more items, you can always contribute a new perk again and fill in the same shipping address. We will bundle your orders and ship them to you together. \n3. If you would like to purchase more than two units, please contact us at service@mangopower.com. We will attend to your request privately.

How can I get in contact with you?

For individual inquiries, you may also email us at service@mangopower.com. Our customer service team will reply as soon as possible.

Where can I find the full specifications?

Please refer to the google sheet for complete, updated specifications based on the latest information from our product development team.\nhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1S4nwHcyveE4aR8aXs1EfD2mRqaA6qgCfFFiLqAmyzf0/edit?usp=sharing

What is the Mango Power Union

Welcome to the future of energy security – Mango Power Union, the world’s first 2-in-1 detachable home power station with a supercharged 6,900Wh capacity (4,350W output) battery. It can tackle surges up to 6600W from power tools, refrigerators, air conditioners, and other home appliances. The Mango battery efficiency is 95%, with 7000 full charge cycles. Meanwhile, its one-of-a-kind 2,300Wh/2,350W detachable section can be taken outside. So you can bring reliable power anywhere you go.

What’s the capacity for Mango Power Union?

The Mango Power Union has a robust 6,900Wh/4,350W capacity, expandable up to 69,000Wh/43,500W (with 10 units). With the Mango Power Union, you're covered in any situation. It meets the industry gold standard.

Mango Power Move battery capacity?

The smaller module, Mango Power Move, comes packed with an impressive 2,350W output power and 2,300Wh capacity, designed to be carried around wherever you need power.

Does it work with my country's plugs/outlets?

The Mango Power Union has different versions and takes an input voltage of 100-240V. We will be providing country-specific versions of machines for backers in the US, Canada, Australia, EU, and Japan according to your shipping address. Backers in the UK will receive the EU version machine.

How long does it take to charge the Mango Power Union?

Mango Power Union can be recharged from 0 to 80% within 1.5 hours, and it will be fully recharged in 2.5 hours. With 95% transfer efficiency, Mango Power helps reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint while keeping you prepared for power outages.

Can I use the Mango Power Union on my RV? Will it power my RV?

The Mango Power Union is suitable for RV use. It is equipped with a 120V/30A plug (3300W output) that plugs into most RVs. It is also safe for use on the road and has received certification for being safe to use and transport according to US, EU, and Japan standards.

Can two Mango Power Union units be used in parallel?

Yes. You can connect up to 10 devices in parallel*. The output increases proportionately with the number of units. Have the flexibility you want when planning your home electrical system. With more MP Union units, customize your own power hub to backup your home as needed. \n*To connect 3 Mango Power Union units in parallel, you will need 1 mPanel Smart. For the full 40kW, you will need 10 Mango Power Union units and 4 mPanel Smart units to connect them in parallel.

When will the product be shipped?

According to the latest information, we will start shipping in batches in end-March and all machines will be ready by end-April. We will keep you updated on the detailed shipping status and share with you the freight number. Please note that you will only receive the tracking number after the products arrive at the local warehouses. The time-to-delivery will vary depending on which batch you are in, your delivery address, and the speed of local couriers. First come first served.
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