Cokato, United States Nov 22, 2021 (  - Mango Power opens distribution and consumer sales on Indiegogofor the most exciting home and portable battery product in recent years. 

The home-and-portable hybrid battery, with 4.35kW capacity, and 19 output ports promises fast charging through the roof or portable solar panels

Nov 20, NEW YORK – Mango Power Union, the most sought-after battery system of the year, will be available for purchase on November 23rd through Indiegogo. 

“There are three things that have made Mango Power Union the most awaited product of the year for the home energy industry: It’s a two-in-one solution. You don’t need to pay twice to get a home and a portable energy system. Its capacity remarkably exceeds that of other solutions in the market, ensuring a robust and long-lasting energy coverage. Last but not least, it has the world’s-first built-in dual PV inverter, which promises some of the fastest charging