You may not have noticed with everything else going on, but over the past year portable power stations have become a hot topic of discussion. A ton of new products have come out recently from established brands like Jackery, EcoFlow, and Bluetti. A few have gotten their start via crowdfunding, like the Bluetti EP500 (5.1 kWh/3 kW) which generated 3.1M USD on Kickstarter in May and the EcoFlow DELTA Pro (3.6 kWh/3.6 kW) which is currently aiming for a July Kickstarter launch. There are some new players entering the market, as well, like the brand-new Mango Power Union (6.9 kWh/4 kW) which, according to its website, is supposed to hit Indiegogo in August. Today, we’re going to take a deep dive into two of these – the Mango Power Union and the EcoFlow DELTA Pro – to see how they stack up against each other.

Neither of these power stations have offic